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Tyler Wursta|An Interactive Freelancer|A Man of Passions|A Self Learner

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Tyler Wursta

Owner at TYW Digital Media

  • Video Editor
  • Animator
  • Visual Effects Expert
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    Emmaus, Pennsylvania
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    +1 484 538 5593
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I love to learn everything



I have worked in a few places. I like to stay loyal to my team, but am always willing to at least collaborate with other companies. **DOES NOT INCLUDE FREELANCE WORK**

  • 5+ Years of Experience
  • 5+ Years Owning a Company
  • A little Freelancing Here and There
  • Worked at 2 Companys/Departments
  • Collaborated with Numerous Professionals

TYW Digital Media (2013 - Present)

Senior Editor & Owner

TYW Digital Media is a freelance based company, where we work collaboratively and individually to maximize work output. TYW Digital Media always delivers the best content. We excel because of our passions for this field. Additionally, the team each has their own set of skills and traits. This allows us to assist each other on projects and work as a team.

Furthermore, since we love what we do, each member pours ourselves into the work. Everyone knows that when you hate what you are doing, the work is sloppy. Not with us! We all love our work and strive to be the best.

Pittsburgh Technical College (2017 - Present)

Studio Monitor

I currently am enrolled in the Work Study program as a Studio Monitor. My job is to handle reserved equipment, manage the studio, help coordinate with people using the studio, and the such. It is a great learning experience and I am learning more and more every day.


My Education Background.

  • 4 Years at a Technical School
  • Projected 2 Years at a Technical College
  • 3 Semesters of Secondary Electives
  • Collaborated with Schools for Work and Projects
  • Collaborated with Students and Peers on Projects

Emmaus High School (2013 - 2017)

High School Diploma

Emmaus High School is a place where everyone can succeed and where everyone feels that he or she have a connection and involvement in the fabric of our school culture. Everyone is part of a team, speaking with one voice, and working for everyone’s success.

Emmaus High School is accredited by the Commission of Secondary Schools, Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I took my General Studies and Remedial Learning while also learning Astronomy, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Geology of National Parks.

Lehigh Career and Technical School (2013 - 2017)

NOCTI Certificate of Completion

If you are looking to create and edit great videos they have the right tools for you to do so. Here you can learn how to use different video editing software and put together actual projects. They make sure you are able to really show your talent by giving the opportunity to record and edit different events within LCTI!

Pittsburgh Technical College (2017 - Present)

Associate of Science (A.S.)

PTC has developed a unique, new Multimedia program to teach the dynamic skills needed for the exciting field of commercial videography. You will learn hands-on skills in cinematography, audio production, motion graphics and advanced skills in editing and visual effects.


A graph to display where my skills are at.

  • 3-4 Years of Self-Learning
  • 4+ Years of Schooling
  • Learned from hundreds of courses
  • Worked with a few Companies
  • Always trying to Hone my Skills
Video Editing / 5+ years of experience
Audio Editing / 5+ years of experience
Stop Motion / 7+ years of experience
Visual Effects / 3+ years of experience
2-D Animation / 3+ years of experience
Motion Graphics / 3+ years of experience
HTML & CSS / 4+ year of experience
3-D Animation / 2+ year of experience

I have been honoured so many times


I have hundreds of works


  • All
  • Video
  • Animation
  • PSA
  • Web
  • Sizzle Reel

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